Garumi - 161cm, 171cm, 181cm

171cm un 181cm - ir pieejams mūsu noliktavā

161cm - iespējams pasūtīt. Piegādes laiks - 4 - 6 darba dienas.

It is simple, big mountains demand big boards, so Pathron have gone ‘all-in’ with the Missile creating a 165-185cm longboard. But the Missile is not just big, it is also unique. The long nose and precisely designed progressive flex, combine with the Missile’s length to create spectacular float - leaving you to lay fresh tracks and destroy all opposition. With a unique profile and parabolic shape the Missile has an eective edge of a much shorter board, meaning it holds it’s own in icy conditions and on-route to the powder. In a word freeride!

Pielietojums - Freeride

Forma - Directional

Profils - Missile

Lamināts - Triax Fiberglass

Slīdvirsma - Sintered

Flex - Medium

Pastiprinājumi -  Carbon reinforcement, Carbon plates

      kodols - Wood Core lamination,

    sānu mala - ABS sidewall

     slīdvirsma - Sintered base

PROFILS Camrocker
FORMA Directional Twin shape
FLEX Medium

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Pathron Missile (161cm, 171cm 181cm)

  • Ražotāji Pathron
  • Modelis: Missile
  • Pieejamība: 2
  • 299,00€

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