• 26,5 Dalbello Krypton Rampage

Lietoti Freestyle slēpju zābaki Dalbello Krypton Rampage

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Dalbello Krypton Rampage Ski Boots: One of the most popular freestyle boots in the world and part of the Rider Development Project, the Dalbello Krypton Rampage Ski Boots are world class performers developed specifically for all -mountain versatility and performance. Revolutionary Cabrio Design, 3 Piece Architecture for precise control with smooth flex. Ultra Plush “Faux Fur” lined TRUFIT Custom innerboot is the sheeeze. Inverted forefoot buckle doesn’t break, or get in the way during grinds and transitions.

Product Details


Dalbello’s critically acclaimed, 3 Piece Cabrio Design combines a 3 piece construction assembly - shell/cuff/tongue – that comfortably secures the foot and lower leg while optimizing smooth and progressive flexibility. Smooth and progressive forward flex is precisely controlled using an external shell tongue. Only Cabrio Design ski boots feature rigid and precise lateral support while at the same time providing a smooth and progressive flex. Cabrio Design is able to adapt to a wider variety of feet shapes and instep heights than conventional ski boots due the “open throat” lower shell/shell tongue construction.

Kinetic Response Tongue


Contour 4 Technology: the anatomical contours of the inside boot-shell and the innerboot lasts are perfectly mated to precisely map the shape of the typical high performance skier’s foot. A little extra “space” is molded into the inside of the boot shell at 4 critical fit points: ankle, heel, 5th metatarsal, and navicular. Out of the box, Contour 4 Fit Technology delivers all the comfort, precision, and control of a close fitting, low volume, high performance ski boot that has been “punched” and “stretched” by a custom bootfitter.


TRUFIT C4 Sport liner - Comfort Density Ulteva foam

A.C. Adaptive Comfort Toebox

Heat system ready construction

Orthofit Performance Insole

Additional Features

Forward Lean Control

Forward Flex Control

Landing Gear Anti-Shock footboard

Lower Cuff Hinge

F-101 Alu buckles – 3 microadjustable

Shell and Cuff

P.U. shell / cuff

Dynalink + DC Cable Closure is an independently functioning heel/instep closure band assembly that secures the skiers foot in the middle and rearfoot sections of the ski boot. The closure system prevents the lower shell from bulging and distorting when the boot is flexed forward. Because the skier’s foot is held more securely, high speed stability and control over the skis on irregular and difficult terrain are improved.

Twin Canting


  • Ability Level: Intermediate-Advanced
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    26,5 Dalbello Krypton Rampage

    • Ražotāji Dalbello
    • Modelis: Krypton Rampage
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